Thank you for visiting my website.  I am School Associate Director and an Associate Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University.

My work largely focuses on three areas:

  • What can be learned about “what works” from prior research to inform how police and other criminal justice practitioners do their work?
  • To what extent are police officers open to using research to guide practice? What explains variability in receptivity to research and evidence-based policing?
  • What are the effects of innovative police strategies on crime and perceptions of legitimacy?

I have more information on the site about me, my current funded projects, my presentations, my publications, and media outlets that have referenced my work.  Please contact me with any questions.

You can learn more about my work on evidence-based policing below in a video interview filmed during the International Symposium on Policing and Evidence-based Practice at Birkbeck University in London in June 2018: