Media coverage of the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences article on the impacts of procedural justice training in crime hot spots (Weisburd et al., 2022):

“Reducing Police-Community Friction” (City Journal, April 4)

“Tucson played pivotal role in study on fairness in policing” (Arizona Daily Star, April 11)

“Study shows positive impact of ‘procedural justice’ police training” (CommonWealth, April 15)

“Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona police study shows polite cops means less crime” (Boston Herald, May 9)

“Study Finds ‘Hot-Spot Policing’ More Effective When Officers Show Respect” (The Crime Report, October 21)

“Police are turning to an old tactic to fight the surge in violence. But it needs a rethink.” (Time, November 2)

See more on the study findings in the Research Brief produced by the National Policing Institute, the August 2022 issue of the The Police Chief and the Fall 2022 issue of Translational Criminology.